You.Shine.Now. is a project for acknowledging and sharing how you shine light into the world … in a word. In our celebrity-obsessed culture it’s easy to see how movie stars, sports figures, or spiritual gurus are sharing their gifts and being celebrated for their accomplishments. It’s easy to see how they shine.

But this project isn’t about accomplishment, it’s about acknowledgement. It’s about YOU.

It’s an acknowledgement of who you are, right now, wherever you happen to be and whatever life looks like for you. As a human being you possess an inner light and how you express it is unique. Think about those qualities that bring you joy, make you proud, or give meaning to your life. Can you pick just one? Sure you can!

By completing the sentence “I AM                     ,” we invite you to think about your inner light and declare its definition with one word. We then encourage you to share that declaration and participate by joining the gallery of luminous faces and be an inspiration for others to acknowledge and express their light! Or even contact us and share with us how you shine light into the life of someone else, because I promise you do.

Come lend your light!

About the creator:  My name is Sherry Martin. I’m a dreamer, artist, idealist and introvert turned ambivert. I’m also a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I believe in the basic goodness of people and am a huge proponent of human potential. This project started as a creative outlet but quickly turned into a mission of joy. My superpower is the ability to see the best in people, therefore it is my wish to acknowledge the light in others and to encourage its growth and expression.  That’s how I shine my light and why I want to know about yours!

2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I love this blog and the idea behind it. I walked away from my socially approved career 14 years ago and begin an adventure of a lifetime. I have never regretted that decision. I will be 71 this month and this is by far the most interesting part of my life. I love the freedom to be just who I am. I am Freedom. hugs, pat

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    1. Thank you, Pat! I really appreciate the comment! I’d love to have your photo in the gallery, along with a few words about your adventure! Sounds wonderful! Glad you are living the life that makes you happy! Sherry


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