Game changer for Goal Setting

I was going to write a post about a workshop I recently attended that was facilitated by my friend, Liz Noell ( Liz is passionate about sharing the work of Danielle LaPorte, specifically The Desire Map process. My feeble attempt to describe the weekend (BECAUSE it was so amazing) started to sound like a sleepover at Oprah’s house. I didn’t have the words to describe the power of it all so I deleted it. I decided the words would come best from the mouth of the creator herself. The concept isn’t necessarily new to me, but the tweak on the perspective is and it’s just enough of a game changer to anchor in a whole new possibility. Check it out, firecracker!



Photo credit top:

Do you know someone who’s shining their light? Contact us and tell us their story! We love to network with people doing things that bring them joy and serve others in the process. We seek out opportunities to shine light on the good works of individuals and organizations! We would also love to hear your story and/or have you participate in our gallery. There’s no one quite like you and we’d like to acknowledge that! THANK YOU FOR SHINING YOUR LIGHT!



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