Better life through better questions? You tell me.

While having lunch at a casual restaurant one day, I saw a woman reading a book entitled Change your Questions, Change your Life (by Marilee Adams). I was instantly intrigued as I had already poked around in the subject of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and had read some articles about asking different questions of oneself to change perspective. I had also done some research into the power of afformations (instead of affirmations). That’s the process of taking an affirmation and turning it into a question so that your subconscious mind goes on a quest to find the answer.

I started asking myself different questions. It was a huge pivot point for me that had me change the way I see things. It has the power to take one from victim (Why Me?) to responsible (Why Not Me?) in an instant. There are a myriad of articles written on the subject.  Here’s one I really liked –

I’d forgotten about the subject for a while, but have consciously noticed as of late that the questions I’ve been asking are much more outward focused. So I’ve decided to incorporate question posts in the blog and I’d love to hear your answers.

Here’s the first of many of what I hope will be thought-provoking, interesting and helpful questions to create more light and positivity in the world. I hope you’ll play and leave a comment!

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