These herbal therapists declare “Pure” transformation through health and wellness

Our mission is to get H.A.N.’s herbal and oil therapies into the hands of people around our beautiful world in hopes that we positively transform the health, life, and future of our world. 

Meet Veronica and Stephen. They are very passionate about health and wellness and the use of organic herbal remedies to get you back on track in a natural way. They share their stories below.

“Our passion is to inspire you to become the absolute best and healthiest expression of yourself. When we’re not handcrafting products or filling orders, we teach, coach and mentor others how to activate their highest potential and how to use herbal and oil therapies, food and lifestyle as the catalyst for a MUCH better life.  All our products are 100% handcrafted therapies of nature’s most therapeutic herbs and oils. We specially formulate our blends without the use of any chemicals. There’s nothing but all-natural and organically-sourced ingredients! We handcraft with undeniable love, and passion for extraordinary health, positive intentions and good vibes!  We focus on providing the most top notch quality ever … not average products, but exceptional quality products which allow you to see and feel the difference immediately.”

We reach the world helping people accelerate positive self-transformation. in the words of one of our clients, “The things she does are real and anyone with a problem should talk to her.” 

We are the go-to coaches when you’re ready to dramatically turn your life around for the better and are committed to making it happen for you. We make it easy for you and your family in every way possible!

VERONICA’S STORY | Years before I became an herbal therapist I had a dream. In my dream I saw my husband’s back. Half of it was filled with nutritious foods and plants, the other half was dark and empty with cob webs everywhere. For years it baffled me much as I tried to understand. As I let go and stopped trying to figure things out for myself and allowed God to lead me, my path became clearer. As the years passed God used a friend’s gift of dream interpretation to help me understand His voice.

It was a short time after that my husband was diagnosed with degenerative bone disease. His condition had deteriorated so much that the bones in his neck were literally falling apart and collapsing. Short of surgery the doctor’s said they couldn’t do anything. It was a difficult time for us.

Another period of time passed and God lead me into the knowledge of Gen 1:29 “I have given you every seed-bearing plant for food and health” (paraphrased), and taught me herbal therapy. A year later and my husband has had a complete restoration. My trials, tribulations and experience has connected me with hundreds of others, helping them restore and heal their broken bodies and painful lives. I am an Herbal Therapist and Health Guide.

STEPHEN’S STORY | Back in 2009 I was in a car accident. I shattered both legs and the prognosis was that I may never walk again. The breaks involved the ankle in one leg and close to the ankle in the other. Nine surgeries and several years have passed and I am walking but with a great deal of pain. Veronica started me out on the TeraDeep to strengthen the bones that healed. I started to feel the release of pain, but it wasn’t enough to live a normal life. After another consultation, Veronica decided to try another formula. She was thinking that there was arthritis and debris left from the shattered bones. This new formula did the trick. My pain has gone from an 8 to a 3. I can walk, work and even run!

It has been years since I could get out of bed and walk to the bathroom without having to stumble or even crawl because of the pain. Now thanks to the herbal therapies that Veronica has given me I don’t have to worry about any pain in the morning anymore. This inspired me so much from that now I am working with Veronica to help those who are also in need of a healing touch of God’s naturally and organically grown plants. I am a Self-Massage Instructor and Essential Oil Therapist. I have learned that my specialty is coaching on aroma therapy massages and essential oils.


“Hey Veronica, I went to my Homeopathic here in SC and I took the TerraDeep with me. They told me to continue on with it cause that was some good stuff. So thank you.” Mandy Mayor Roger

“I have to tell you what happened today at the periodontist … I had my X-ray done for my teeth in July. It showed that I had severe bone loss in the lower back tooth and some in the front. There was talk of me losing that tooth. I contacted Veronica Schultz,  The Soul Whisperer, and asked for her tincture to grow back my bones. She made it for me. I took it semi-consistently with the intention of regrowing my bone loss. Today, I went in to the periodontist for a deep gum/teeth cleaning … you know the one that everyone dreads? The technician looked at my X-ray from July and asked me when I am scheduled to remove the tooth. I said I had no intention of removing it. She said it doesn’t look good you have severe bone loss there. I said “Yes I know.”  And here is the fun part  – when she went in there to clean, she said ‘hmmm, it doesn’t look as bad as that X-Ray shows.” She held back from saying I think you can save your tooth. However, I can see her mind and her mouth wanting to say it. HA!!!!! I am going to keep up my regimen of tincture and good cleaning. And we are going to save my teeth and my bone loss. Thanks Veronica!!!!

January 9th 2014 Update:  I just went back for a check up.  The doctor said my teeth and gum has improved tremendously. He said “there is NO comparison.”  OK Veronica Schultz are you ready for this one???? So we have been posting about how your Deep Healer Tincture to help me grow my bones for my teeth. I have more news. I have been a little shy about really believing that it is working, right? I mean that is pretty bold to say, in less than 6 months, we managed to grow my bone in my jaw to hang on to my back tooth and my front teeth. My skeptical mind is still looking for doubt and inconclusive results. I was at breakfast with my daughter, and for some crazy reason, I started to wiggle my front tooth … and holy taco moly … my tooth is not wiggling anymore. It’s so much straighter and I can’t wiggle it anymore. Six months ago, it felt like if I kept working at it, I could take it right out. Then I couldn’t stop. I had to check on my back tooth, to see how it is. (Meanwhile, my 12 yr old daughter is mortified that her mother has her mouth wide open, with my full hand digging at my back tooth). It’s solid. There is hardly any movement for that tooth either.  Dude!!! what’s in that stuff?!!! Can it really be true? That we can grow our bones back with just a few drops a day? I am totally stoked!!!!  March 3, 2014 Update: Well, it’s official. I had my check up and my teeth and bones are completely restored. The peridontist didn’t want to give the tincture credit, so I didn’t waste my breath. – Mai Vu

“I’d just like to give a testimonial of the impact of the coaching that is available to each of you right now. For years, I’ve battled overcoming the negative, destructive words of a dad who was quite simply miserable in his own life, so felt he needed to tear his children down as well. As many times as I’ve prayed over the years to finally forgive him, even after he’s been deceased for 21 years now, his words of “not good enough”, “never going to amount to anything”, etc. still linger and control my perception of my own self-worth and abilities. After talking to Veronica Schultz tonight about each of us having certain fears and addressing them, I came away with a whole new outlook on everything, and am giving myself the permission to thrive in the areas that God has blessed me with (Influence and Leadership). I refuse to let what was spoken to me decades ago from a man who is now dead have any control over the blessings of what God wants to do in and through me. Thank you, Veronica, for taking what often seems so complex, and breaking it down for me in bite size chunks that I can not only understand, but am also able to see how to take that and apply it to my life. Your friendship and coaching is priceless my friend and I thank God for allowing our paths to cross in this lifetime! Blessings”  Danny L. Youngers

Speaking of boosting your immune system…… if you are looking for all natural products you can count on the quality of, check out my friend Veronica Schultz’s site, H.A.N. And their lip glosses cause duck face . why? Because they smell so good I keep trying to smell my own lips. I’ve used Lip Kiss for several days now and it’s official. Totally in love with your LipKiss Lip Gloss! Thank you!!”  Sarah Barendse

For information about Veronica and Stephen and their natural remedies, visit 
if you’re interested in their holistic lifestyle services, they invite you to learn more about their work and products – Ph: 408-657-0062 and Email: hanonlinestore@gmail.coM


Do you know someone who’s shining their light? Contact us and tell us their story! We love to network with people doing things that bring them joy and serve others in the process. We seek out opportunities to shine light on the good works of individuals and organizations! We would also love to hear your story and/or have you participate in our gallery. There’s no one quite like you and we’d like to acknowledge that! THANK YOU FOR SHINING YOUR LIGHT!


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