This organization is bringing light to wellness and aging

“Youth is wasted on the young” ― Oscar Wilde

They say all you take with you when you die is the love you gave. I’m sure if I searched the internet right this moment, I could find a cute quote on Pinterest. Instead, I think I’ll wing it.

I suppose when I die I’ll be taking with me the lessons I learned, good and bad, and the love I not only gave, but also received. Therefore, it seems that relationships are the most important thing we do here on Earth, after survival. Those connections, no matter how short, are the juice of life. After all, if you sit in a room all alone every day, there are no human mirrors from whom to learn. So when you get a littler further down the line in age and you find yourself feeling a little more lonesome for any number of reasons, there may be a solution worth looking into.

Enter Agewell Global. Per the description attached to their video: AgeWell is a peer-based wellness program committed to promoting the health and well-being of older persons. AgeWell trains and hires older people to provide companionship and wellness support to their peers. We believe that older people are an aging community’s greatest asset. 

Recently launched in South Africa, this idea can be of benefit anywhere in the world and I hope it spreads like wildfire! What a wonderful way to keep people connected and helping each other to stay healthy mentally, emotionally and physically.

For more information visit their site at


Quote found on Pinterest

Cover image courtesy geralt,

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