Warning : May be construed as a Rant

This is an open letter to all lightworkers. If you don’t identify as that then perhaps you are a human being with a modicum of sensibility, conscience and a desire to make the world a better place. Let’s begin there.

Everything you’re about to read has been said before. I’m going to regurgitate the contents of the countless articles, books, movies, coaches, gurus, etc. that I’ve encountered on my journey to being a better human being. I say this to you because I say it to myself, lest this sound like a rant (which it is … a little). However, express it I must.

If you don’t know where to start on your road to betterment, here are a few ideas:

1. Work on loving yourself. The more you love yourself, the less you react to the stuff of others. You cannot give of yourself if you haven’t filled up your own tank. Be a tireless warrior for your own self-love.

2. You can’t change anyone else. Stop trying. You’ll never understand why things happen or why someone did something you wouldn’t.The things others do is always about them. They have their own journey of learning to experience and it has nothing to do with you.

3. Put your energy and focus into the things that are working. Nurture the relationships and activities you love that are right in front of you now. This will create positive momentum and a shift in your responses.

4. Do something to generate loving action. Smile, laugh, let that car get in front of you, open the door for someone. Let go of the small stuff. Breathe. It’s not about you anyway. Be willing to choose something else. If that seems too difficult, ask yourself why and start there. The smaller your buttons, the less they get pushed. Want to be powerful? Be kind.

5. Help someone else. Get outside yourself and your circumstances for a moment by helping someone in need. Focus on what you can do for them and you may forget how miserable you felt a moment ago. There is always someone in need and your help could turn it around for them.

6. Remember you can’t save everybody. Do the best you can and remember to recharge yourself. In the moments that you want to break down or give up and feel helpless, say a prayer and leave it in the hands of a higher power. Terrible things happen. We won’t ever understand why. Just stay focused on the places where you can actually help … in the present moment.

7. Acknowledge yourself for having the heart to help. You are a rare being if you know you have the option to choose love. Habit keeps a lot of people enslaved when it doesn’t have to. Unlearn hatred. Unlearn negative responses. They were never yours anyway. You just picked them up from someone else. Dare to be different!

Thank you for listening! (**stubs toe coming down off of soapbox*)


Do you know someone who’s shining their light? Contact us and tell us their story! We love to network with people doing things that bring them joy and serve others in the process. We seek out opportunities to shine light on the good works of individuals and organizations! We would also love to hear your story and/or have you participate in our gallery. There’s no one quite like you and we’d like to acknowledge that! THANK YOU FOR SHINING YOUR LIGHT!


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