The most important pair of shoes you’ll ever see

When was the last time you bought a pair of shoes? For us ladies it’s probably not a big stretch to remember. Do you remember how those shoes made you feel? Of course you do … pretty, sassy, confident … ready to take on the world right? Men, you may not feel the same but I bet when you were little those new sneakers made you feel like you could somehow run faster or jump higher. Come on, don’t deny it!

Now imagine a world where you’re a kid but you’re enduring an illness. An illness that could take your life. It’s affecting everything around you and it’s threatening the joy you would otherwise be experiencing as a healthy child. In this sometime dark and uncertain place there is a light and it comes in the form of a new pair of shoes. Not just any shoes, but shoes with special children in mind.

Enter Madison Steiner and her non-profit organization, Peach’s Neet Feet.

The organization’s founder/president, Madison “Peach” Steiner, has a clear and simple mission and it is one of great impact: “to create a movement of pay it forward initiatives and selfless acts of giving. She uses art to create custom, hand-painted shoes to celebrate children who are fighting cancer and living with disabilities.”


Life moves quickly, especially in the lives of these children who express many moments of sheer joy, even in the midst of their struggles. Go “Like” their Facebook page and when you see their posts in your news feed, I dare you not to smile or sink a little further into your heart with tenderness.

Thank you, Peach, for the work you do! Thank you for the precious feet your give your heART to and for taking a cool pair of kicks and giving them sole!


Bare feet image:  |  Cover image:

Do you know someone who’s shining their light? Contact us and tell us their story! We love to network with people doing things that bring them joy and serve others in the process. We seek out opportunities to shine light on the good works of individuals and organizations! We would also love to hear your story and/or have you participate in our gallery. There’s no one quite like you and we’d like to acknowledge that! THANK YOU FOR SHINING YOUR LIGHT!




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