Bringing the Spirit

In an earlier post, I mentioned a favorite boss from my past who recently passed away. This is another man I’m proud to have called Boss. He passed away three years ago today. I ran across this image of him tonight. I wanted to find an image that summed up who he was and thought this was a good fit. To his employees he was funny, creative, spontaneous, friendly and engaging. To his family, he was all that and more, and DEARLY loved! Those who speak of him speak of him well and with a warm heart. Thank you for shining your light, Skippy! We love you!


Do you know someone who’s shining their light? Contact us and tell us their story! We love to network with people doing things that bring them joy and serve others in the process. We seek out opportunities to shine light on the good works of individuals and organizations! We would also love to hear your story and/or have you participate in our gallery. There’s no one quite like you and we’d like to acknowledge that! THANK YOU FOR SHINING YOUR LIGHT!

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